Nepal Music Festival

Nepal's biggest volunteer run music and culture festival.
Introduction – Throughout its history, music has always been a significant force in the culture and life of the Nepalese people. It has been a force that has brightened lives, created social change and united the country. Nepal Music festival believes together in a celebration of People, Peace, and Progress, campaign, the first of its kind in South Asia, to promote the sustainable development of the country. This will be a music festival involving Nepalese and International musicians, as well as a host of guest speakers and experts in the fields of education, peace building and development.


#Nepalmf #Herogram #Herothatchangedmylife is an effort by the Nepal Music Festival Team inorder to motivate people(youth) for spreading hope, peace and progress by encouraging them to talk about their real life inspirations ,theirs heros. So guys just upload your videos on your personal accounts mentioning #Nepalmf #Herogram #Herothatchangedmylife and talk about your real life heros, the ones who have had an positive impact on your life. How do you do it?
How do you do it?
Step 1: Create a video with you and/or your heros ways you can think of like mentioning how your motivated or inspired by him/her. Remember!
Step 2 : Upload your video on your personal social media accounts like facebook, instagram, twitter not to forget to mention the hashtags #Nepalmf #Herogram #Herothatchangedmylife
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#Nepalmf #Herogram #Herothatchangedmylife is an effort by the Nepal Music Festival Team

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