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The Team behind Nepal Musical Festival

Teamwork enables us to accomplish tasks faster and more efficiently than tackling projects individually. Cooperating together on various tasks reduces workloads for all employees by enabling them to share responsibilities or ideas. Disagreements among the team mates maybe happened in a discussion and can lead to conflict, but conflict can be good. If ideas are not presented and debated, the team will miss opportunities to find the best solutions to problems. Respect for the thoughts and ideas of the other team members will be developed through healthy debate. Teamwork also reduces the work pressure on every worker, which allows him to be thorough in the completion of the assigned roles. In sharing ideas or responsibilities, every employee should have a role that suits his specialization. You should also consider employees’ levels of interest in the project at hand, which positively influences the efficiency or speed of their output in accomplishing the task.

Ranjan Ojha


Mahesh Kansakar


Vivek Katuwal

Creative Director

Avinash Gurung

Deputy Project Director

Manoj Khadka

Project Leader(Denmark)

Santosh Ghimire

Project Leader

Sabean Rimal

Event Manager

Kalyan Adhikari

Executive Member

Rizma Joshi

Executive Member

Amit Bhattarai

Executive Member

Kedar Dhungana

Admin Event Assistan

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